Baze Canadian Drugstore is Your Trusted Source of Low-Priced Meds is a renowned and reliable online pharmaceutical care provider dedicated to delivering outstanding and timely services to customers from all around the world. We like to think of ourselves as a handy, one-stop online hub where you can easily find a broad range of top-notch, inexpensive prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, beauty products, herbal formulations, and dietary supplements at a very agreeable price that will meet any budget.

Why opt for our pharmacy?

Accessibility. We operate round-the-clock to make sure that our customers from anywhere in the world can always get ahold of us and receive all the help and support they need. Whether they contact us by phone, email, fax, or via the website, we are there 24/7 to provide expert advice and professional assistance with choosing the right medications.

Affordability. We keep our prices to the minimum so that anyone can get the treatment they require and be able to choose between branded medicinal products and their reliable generic analogs. If your insurance plan does not cover a branded drug, we will help you find the best and most suitable generic analog, which will offer the same therapeutic effect at a fraction of the original cost. Moreover, we regularly hold special offers, discounts, and promo sales of the newest and most-sought-after medications to make sure that more of our customers have access to the treatments they seek.

Product versatility. At Canadian drugstore, we offer a large variety of medicinal and non-medicinal products, both brand-name drugs and their tried-and-tested generics, all from licensed and approved manufacturers only. From limited-use drugs that are designed to treat rare diseases to most celebrated erectile dysfunction bestsellers, we have got everything you will ever need.

Excellent quality. The quality of all our products, be it well-known branded meds or generic drugs, fully meets the existing standards accepted in the industry. We never purchase our medicines from unknown or unauthorized manufacturers and always put our clients’ safety first.

Transparency. We conduct our business honestly and work hard to keep up the reputation of a reliable and trustworthy healthcare partner who is always close at hand to take care of your every treatment need. You can easily track down any medicine we have back to its manufacturer and be confident that this product is safe, efficient, and duly approved.

Convenience. We deliver right to your doorstep and can ship your prescription meds to almost any corner of the world. We will help you choose the most optimal delivery method and make sure your order comes to you in time and in full.

Trust. Our hard work, ethical integrity, and dedication to excellence have earned us trust and recognition from customers across the United States and globally. Our considerate and professional attitude to each of our customer’s needs is the reason why so many patients entrust our pharmacy to take care of their prescriptions quickly and precisely.

Focus on the customer’s individual needs. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to handling our customer’s needs at Baze drugstore. We always manage to find a way in which we can be most helpful to each client in particular. Some people want us to help them find an economical and safe substitute for a costly Rx medicine; others expect us to remind them when the time comes to refill their prescriptions. Our job is to ensure every person who comes to us is happy and gets all the attention and help they seek.

Helping people is our calling

Our mission is to become everyone’s go-to pharmaceutical healthcare partner who knows and appreciates every customer’s individual needs, discretely handles their unique requests, and swiftly provides all possible assistance and support necessary to help people feel better, happier, and healthier.

We want all people who come to BCD to know that this is a safe, friendly, and duly protected place of business with dozens of professional pharmacists, healthcare experts, and managers who are committed to delivering you excellent services and ensuring your utmost convenience at every step of the way.

What medications can be found on the Baze Canadian Drugstore?

We specialize in retailing both original branded meds and their generic versions of proven efficiency and the highest quality. Our large online catalog of products comprises hundreds of prescription-only products, OTC drugs, herbal and dietary supplements, lifestyle and beauty products for men and women.

To facilitate your shopping experience, we have implemented a handy and functional search tool that allows our customers to sort medications by categories, quickly locate the needed goods on the website, check their availability and price, and place an order with just a few clicks.

We regularly replenish the assortment of our products, so if a medicine you are looking for is not listed under any category, do not hesitate to give us a call or send a message using our website chat. Our managers will check its availability in stock and see if they can have it ordered for your special benefit. Alternatively, they can consult you on the available generics that the drug has and provide any information, which you and your physician need to make a decision.

If you are looking to buy any medicines from our website that are distributed on a prescription-only basis, make sure you have a valid document issued by a licensed physician that can confirm the suitability of this medicine for your particular condition. We shall not process any orders for Rx medications that are not supported by a legitimate prescription.

If a drug in our catalog is available for sale only with a standing prescription from your doctor, such medication will be tagged correspondingly to ease the search for you. At our online pharmacy, most branded medicinal products are prescription-only, whereas the majority of generics are available over-the-counter. If you are still not sure which is which, please get in touch with one of our friendly managers for a consultation.

Please be aware that Canadian pharmacy does not sell any illegal, controlled, or forbidden drug substances. Neither do we, in any way, promote the sale or distribution of such medications.

Why are there so many generics?

Baze pharmacy does have an extensive selection of quality, cheap generic versions of the most popular and often requested medicinal drugs. Original medications are, without a doubt, excellent and efficient, but they can also often be overpriced. If you are advised to take some medicine daily, the financial burden of buying branded pills from your local drugstore might be too heavy, especially for patients who do not have a comprehensive health insurance plan to fall back on.

We believe no one should be denied quality medical help because they do not have insurance to cover it and cannot afford to pay for the brand-name product out of their pocket. By offering a wide assortment of top-notch, popular generic drugs, we seek to provide all our customers with as much choice as possible and make quality pharmaceutical care available to anyone.

Besides, generic medicinal products are often more convenient in terms of their dosage range and forms of administration. Where the original preparation is only available as oral pills that you have to swallow, its generic can come as a liquid solution, effervescent tablets, chewable or dissolvable dragees, etc. Generics usually come in a much bigger variety of dose strengths than their branded counterparts to give you and your doctor more freedom in choosing the most optimal amount of drug for your health problem.

How to purchase medications from Canadian pharmacy?

Even if you are new to online shopping and particularly to purchasing meds over the Internet, you will be surprised at how easy and quick it can be when you choose Baze pharmacy as your chief pharmaceutical care provider. Placing an online order with us is a simple, intuitively clear process that does not require you to be especially tech-minded. However, if you ever get confused, our managers will happily guide you through it over the phone or using our on-site webchat.

Step 1. To get started, enter the name of the drug you are looking for into the search bar of our online catalog or browse the different categories of medications to find what you need.

Step 2. Place the chosen items into your virtual shopping cart.

Step 3. Fill in the order form by providing all necessary information about yourself, including your name, home address or any other address at which you want us to deliver the prescription, contact info, etc.

Step 4. Specify the preferred method of payment and delivery. To learn more about the cost of delivery or shipping options, please contact us directly.

Step 5. Proceed to the payment page and provide all the required payment details to complete your purchase. Do not worry about the safety of your personal and financial information. We take the greatest care to protect it: we never share it with anyone, never keep it for a long time, or use it for purposes other than executing your order.

Step 6. Wait for the confirmation email from us to make sure everything is right, and your order has been approved.

Note that for all Rx medications available on our website, we will require a valid prescription from your doctor. Please be prepared to send us one if such a need arises.

Also, feel free to get in touch with us by phone, email, or webchat if you cannot find a particular drug on the site, want to know which generics are available, need to inquire about the price of the goods or the cost of delivery, have questions about prescription medications, etc. We are at your service 24/7.

Is it worth purchasing meds online?

As the world is digitalizing itself and technological advances are presenting new, exciting opportunities for work, study, travel, and shopping, the need for traditional, brick-and-mortar drugstores is lessening. People have become very budget-conscious and no longer want to waste their time on raiding local pharmacies in search of a branded medicine that will cost them ten or twenty times more than its generic analog purchased online. What they want is a convenient, safe, and affordable alternate way to shop for their medications.

The popularity of online pharmacies is gaining momentum. With so many pharmaceutical businesses operating over the Internet today, a savvy user can easily track down any medication they need with just a few taps on the smartphone screen, compare prices across multiple stores, place an order with the service they like, and have their prescriptions delivered to them within days.

Finding the pills that you want online is not a problem, finding the one pharmacy you can trust, on the other hand, might be more challenging as there is always a risk of running into a sham drugstore selling illicit medications of dubious quality and from unauthorized manufacturers.

Here are a few simple and useful tips to help you stay on the safe side and still be able to save big on your prescriptions when you are buying online:

  • Take your time to learn everything you can about the drugstore you are going to purchase your meds from, including professional reviews, customers’ testimonials, etc.
  • Make sure they are a properly licensed pharmaceutical service provider, who only works with well-known and certified manufacturers.
  • Always remember to ask about how they store and handle their customers’ personal, medical, and financial records.
  • It is very unsafe to fall for an unreasonably reduced price. No matter how attractive and tempting it is, if the price for a popular medicine is many times lower than what you will pay in other online stores, the chances are high that you have come to the wrong place and risk purchasing a fake.

Remember that a trustworthy Internet-based pharmacy will never sell illegal or controlled substances whose use is strictly limited and closely monitored. Neither will a legit service offer you to buy Rx-only drugs without asking you for a valid doctor’s prescription first. A pharmacy that operates legally will always have a certified pharmacist or another healthcare expert on standby to answer any of their customers’ questions.

Make sure that the pharmacy you choose meets all of the above-said criteria before you place an order for your medications or share any sensitive information with it.