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About Baze: Introducing The Service, The Mission, The Perks And Deals

Baze Pharmacy serves the Starkville, Mississippi since 2006. 14 years of compounding and respect from locals and residents of nearby areas. We are located at 900 Stark Road next to Eze Family Medical Clinic which allows us to be accessible to patients who may need special care for their treatment. In 2020, our services were enlarged, and we opened our third branch, but this time in Canada. As of now, several services are still up in the air within this branch. However, the delivery of medications is ongoing as normal.

Our drugstore is independently owned, and founders have been dedicated experts for over 40 years in the pharmaceutical and medical fields. They founded this place by keeping in mind the need for compounding, and understanding of how many people struggle to receive first-line treatment only because of their health conditions. While some people are prescribed with popular solutions, others may need the same medication but without certain ingredients. And, one decade ago, compounding was not so popular and profitable in hospitals and main pharmacies in Mississippi. So, Baze Canadian pharmacy approached this difficulty in 2006. Until now, we have loyal clients who order and refill with us from any corner of the U.S. They recommend our service to others, and access goods at bargain prices. While we prepare their online orders and deliver nationally.

If you believe, you require such unique care, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our pharmaceutical catalog can offer you compounding cosmetics, medicines alongside medical equipment, and supplies. If you do not know what fits you best, we will be more than happy to speak with you and guide you through available options