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How to Order from Baze Canadian Pharmacy

At Baze Canadian Pharmacy, we facilitated the ordering process to the fullest. Follow the steps:

  • Select your medications;
  • Check if you understand the product information, and confirm it is what you need;
  • Go to your shopping cart;
  • Checkout;
  • Indicate delivery information;
  • Choose a delivery option;
  • Choose your payment method;
  • Place your order;
  • Receive confirmation of your order;
  • Wait for it.

If you have a compounding request, please contact us directly so we can figure out what you exactly need. We display for sale only certain compounded items that are believed to be widely-used. However, they may not fit your particular health condition.

We offer prescription medications. Please send us your prescription on email sendrx@bazepharmacy.com. (We insist that, before you buy any medicines, you should get an approval and instructions from your doctor. Keep in mind that the misuse of any medical products can lead to serious health consequences. Although our pharmacists can provide you with certain assistance, they do not have the right to give you any medical recommendations. Such a consultation should not be treated as an alternative to a visit to the doctor’s office. So, when you take any medications without a prescription from your health provider, you do that at your own risk, and you are the only one to bear the responsibility for that.)

You cannot cancel your order if we start shipping. However, a situation may be unpredictable, so please do your best to inform us about such a decision immediately.