Delivery & Shipping Methods

After you successfully placed your order, we will contact you back to verify it. Then, we will start shipping and delivery.

At Baze Drugstore, you can expect your order in 1-2 weeks of time delivered to your indicated address, if it is nationwide delivery. The time frame is subject to change if you order during national holidays. You can arrange the time of pick-up if you choose courier services, otherwise, it will be sent directly to the nearest post office in your location.

If it is an international delivery, the expected time frame is 2-4 weeks. It may take more time if you also order during the national holidays.

Please contact us to get to know the eligibility of your country for deliveries, as not all the countries are serviceable with us.

When the delivery is out, you have to be present at the indicated address. If you are not at home, ensure someone can receive it for you. You need to print ID and give it to a beneficiary. Keep in mind, children under 18 cannot receive it.

If at any time possible, you did not receive your order within the mentioned time frame, contact us for follow-up. Once you receive the parcel and tried it, contact us voluntarily to express satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the product. We would like to become better with each client.